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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 23, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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tower sunday house call. a new web page. that's where you can have a live chat with the doctors. that's it for us. great to have you here. >> pleasure to be here. america's election headquarters is next with doug mcelway. it starts now. >> do we want the craitdz-to-grave life of julia obamacare, we'll take care of you from preschool to death america? or do we want a return to... you know, opportunity, liberty, freedom. >> middle class families as a result of the promises that mitt romney has made, will have their dax taxes go up and taxes will go down for people like him. >> massachusetts governor mitt romney will hit the first of several battleground states
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today, starting in colorado tonight, ramping up the emphasis on the swing states and the all-important dedate baits, the first of which is 10 day, way. we begin america's news headquarters with campaign carl cameron. last week has been described, according to the mainstream narrative, as mitt romney's roughest week of the entire campaign. what is he going to do to fix that, if anything? >> well, push through. one of the things that the romney campaign has been criticized and praised for is its discipline in adversity. have you to face tough times and get back off the schmatte keep running. that's what the mitt romney campaign is looking to do, recognizing that they bog have to energize the republican base to the extent that it will be a close race and the ground game and how people are organized to get out the vote will matter. they have to court the voters in the middle. one thing that romney did yesterday in california, want a
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state he will come close to winning, but there is lots of money and he has been fund-raising very aggressively, going after persuadable independents, making the point that he is a conservative, but he is willing to listen and trying to do what he says mr. obama has not been able to -- lead. watch this. >> you may not agree with me on every issue. and the american people may not agree with me on every issue. but i don't think i have been called anything besides a strong leader. know how it lead. i will bring america together. i will not divide america. i will bring us together to accomplish great things for our great nation. >> to put the rough week of last and the week before that behind them, they are accelerating the battle on the ground, tonight he goes to colorado. and during the course of all of this, their idea is that it will come down to 6 to 10 states stad in most of the state, mr. romney is in a tie or trailing by a
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point or two, within the margin. every one of the states that will decide the election were won by barack obama four years ago, so romney knows he has to take them back and put them into the red column. >> it's been sometime since mitt romney has been in colorado, why so long? >> 7 weeks and it's a key battleground state. that's a long time for the principle candidate not to be there. paul ryan has been there. seven weeks that romney hasn't been around. oneentious vent was cancelled because of a crash at the airport. he intended to land at in peblo, colorado. but this is a stay he hasn't been in and they make the argument that they can be -- come up with a win. most of the polls suggest that president obama has a lead. but the demographics have changed. it's leadership for romney. he is trying to go to state where is he hasn't been heard. there is a new ad, wherein
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romney is making the point that the president doesn't have the support of his own leadership on capitol hill. watch this. >> president obama called his democratic leadership team -- harry reid, nancy pelosi and as president obama spoke, nancy pelosi hit the mute button, went on with their meeting, igmorgue the president, not even listening to what he had to say. if he cannot lead his own party, how can he lead america? >> so that really will be a distillation of the republican attack on the president and the democratic campaign. in addition to harping on the metrics and the economy and the problems overseas, that so many people think the president is having a strug wel, in terms of policy and politically. they gallon over and over that the president promised hope and change and leadership and hasn't delivered. >> all right. carl cameron. thank you. >> libyan state officials have announced they are disbanding
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all militias not under the control of the state government after a fresh protest in benghazi, this time, not aimed as american, but one of the armed militias, thought to be involved in the conflict. we will get to that story later on. all right. let's move on right now. egypt's new president says that the u.s. is responsible for repairing its fragile relations with the aircrafts rab world. mo muhammad morsi made those comments ahead of his trips to the united states and says that the u.s. needs to show a greater respect to arab values and culture. reports say that he attempted to meet with president obama at the white house, but dropped that request later. >> absolutely no one intentionally or unintentionally misled anybody involved in this. >> the obama administration has taken a lot of heat on what is happening in libya.
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republicans are calling the way the attack was handled, quote, a debacle. thank you, very much, great to see you. i would like to start -- >> good to be here. >> with a quote from senator bob corker, briefed by secretary of state clinton and several intelligence leaders late last week about the attacks on benghazi and what was happening in egypt. he said, this is a direct quote -- that was the most useless, worthless briefing i have attended in a long time. this from a senator, not prone it overstatement. what's your take on that? >> i agree. we also in the house received the same briefing. i don't know if they said the same things, but it was the same participants. it was led by our house foreign affairs committee. so many members came, it was a bipartisan meeting. we can't get into the details. but i get more information from
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fox news than i would get at that briefing. they said, all of this is classified and all of this is sensitive information. you can't talk about t. here's what's happening. we have an administration that wants to just continue to do foreign policy under closed briefings, but they are unwilling to come to the house of representatives, or to the u.s. senate and in an open setting, answer questions that we have about what we knew, when we knew it and what we did about it, regarding the libya attack, the murder of four american citizens, the protests in egypt. and now we have the egyptian president telling us the united states, that has been such a wonderful benefactor to the people of egypt, that he is going to set the termso sohe can continue to receive foreign aid. i mean, this is a country that is a recipient of millions and millions of dollars of our taxpayers. and then he is saying, we have
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to be more cognizant and sensitive to the wishes and desires of the arab people. meanwhile, they take all of our money. the administration is stonewalling congress, not giving us the information. that's why i think the senator said it was useless, from our side, i would say that was a fairly useless briefing as well. >> the chairman of the house senate -- house armed services committee said to us on friday that he believed, the president willfully misled the american people in this narrative, in regards to the attacks, beginning monday and on through the week as the administration's story changed. do you agree with that? that the administration willfully misled the american people? >> i do agree with that. i believe that the obama administration purposely misled the american people and the people of that area and the middle east and north africa, in order to try to subdue the fans of the flames of hatred and
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bigotry, he was assigning blame for all of this mayhem and these callous, calculated, preplanned terrorist attacks on u.s. individuals and u.s. facilities on an obscure youtube film that is a crazy way of blaming america first. no, it was not the film that has caused all of this. the more information we are getting -- and we wish we would get more -- and the state department is admitting it -- that it was a terrorist attack, not a spontaneous demonstration, organic revolution in the streets. these are extremist radicals who are trying to undo advances in the middle-east and north africa and they want to blame the united states. we should not be apologizing for anything. we have nothing for which to apologize. we should not assign blame to this obscure film and try to excuse their malicious acts that
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way. in fact, what did we do with the taxpayers' mope? we have been running ads in pakistan, trying to explain our system of government. what did we have in response to that isn't demonstrations were ruthless and they were quite numerous. we can't buy love in that area of the world or anywhere else. and it's time that we look at this situation in a realistic way, try to build partnerships where we can. but stop blaming america or stop apologizing for actions of these radicals and assign blame to some obscure film. they are looking for an excuse. we should not feed into that narrative. >> let me ask you one more quick question. does your committee plan any investigations on the administration's handling this of event this week, last week? >> if we only could. we have asked for at least a hearing. wouldn't that be nice? don't you think that the american people deserve an open hearing with state department, with all of these different departments testifying in front of us, in an open setting so we
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can ask the hard wequestions and they can give us their answers and we can continue on? they are not willing to do that because they have started their own investigation as an excuse to not cooperate with congress, just like fast & furious, this is now their new investigation. until that is over, i don't think they will be holding any hearings, we will be able to hold any hearings because they won't cooperate itch the house foreign affairs committee, thank if you your your time. >> thank you. >> we have a report from tripply with the latest on the fbi investigation there. gregg? >> reporter: thanks for taking me. american officials here on the ground tell me that they are pleased are -- pleased with the libyan government. the militias have been tried to trouble here and possibly tie to the killing of ambassador chris
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stevens and three other americans. all weekend, we have been watching the public anger and the violence out of benghazi, seeing the compound ransacked and protesters and militia members being killed. in response, the government says that by tuesday, the armed gangs here have to cooperate. they have to give up their weapons and leave their bases. some are skeptical that this will happen. still. the islamist group ansar al-sharia has left two cities. they are suspected of direct involvement. now to the investigation. the developments this week enappear to be positive, simply put, it's a bit of quick, rough justice for the deaths of stevens and the three other americans, and conversations today for the officials, libyan officials, both here and in benghazi, it appears their investigation into the killings is going very slowly, if it's going forward at all. one official told me, today, we
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have four people under arrest. but they said that one week ago. as for the fbi team sent to this country to investigate. the latest word today is that this team remains here in tripply. we have no confirmation that has been to benghazi. there is concern of possible contamination of the crime scene, nearly two weeks after the attack. ironically, finally, while the militia crackdown might be good for libya in the long term nterms of security, officials confirm to me, it might hinder the probe into the killings in the short term. the suspects, the militants were all leaving the bases, sometime they are leaving with their weapons, to parts unknown. back to you. >> thank you. in light of the unrest in the middle-east, some are questioning the president's schedule at the you want n. general assemble theweek. this morg on fox news sunday,
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gibbs defended the president's decision not to hold one-on-one meetings with leaders. >> the president has blocked out time to appear on "the view" on tuesday. he has time for whoopi goldberg. >> they have attaches in the white house. last week, he talk to the president of egypt and the leader in libbia. we don't need a meg in washington to confer with leaders. >> we want to know what you think about the president's schedule. should he be meeting with world leaders? twoat your answers. first spontain nous violence, mixed signals from the obama administration on the u.s. embassy attack in libya. up next, a look at how their story unfolded and the political implications of not being on the same page. were we deceived in a new report suggests that obamacare suggests
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>> an egypt-based extremist group is claiming responsibility for an attack on the israeli border, saying three militants crossed the border and hid until they attacked an israeli patrol. one soldier was killed along with the militants t. has taken almost two weeks, but the obama administration is on the same page about how to characterize what happened in libya, the fact that it was a terrorist attack. senior washington correspondent james rosen looks at how it unfolded and the political implications of the shiferting story -- the shifting story. >> doug, good afternoon. the attack on the ambassador in bennen and that it was decided before hostilities began. >> armed security outside the perimeter was fully handled by the libyan side.
12:20 pm
>> it just occurrence me so greatly that there were not marines present in benghazi to defend the consulate. >> how could an attack go on that long and what kind of response did we have in place? >> the terrorists appear to have help from fellow libyan assigned to protect the libyans. shawn smith, the i.t. officer, used his online name to post a marriage on a chatroom board in benghazi. assuming we don't die tonight, smith wrote, we saw one of our quote/unquote police at the compound, taking pictures. >> the reports of complicity -- and there are many -- with the libyan guards who were assigned to guard the consulate, also suggest to me that this was premeditated. >> at 9:35 that night, sources say, a mob, 100 strong, many
12:21 pm
numbers armed, gathered at the compound gate. they were not there to protest. they began shooting and breached the perimeter within minutes. >> the attacks began and evolved and escalated over several hours. >> lots of command and control, indirect fire, direct fire. there was even a stop for some period of time, in the fighting. then it was re-engaged in another location around the consulate. >> arson broke out. the obama administration has said only 3 people were inside the consulate. ambrass dorchris stichs, shawn smith and a security officer, identified as dave oven, the only one of the three to escape. he was badly wounded in a second battle at the safe house and "the wall street journal" reports that the maryland native is recuperating at walter reed. libyan natives made repeated plunges into the consulate to look for survivor, but only
12:22 pm
found the body of shawn smith. and looters came upon the lifeless body of stevens. the attackers had been heard to say, we got him. the corps was drag from the compound and brought to a nearby hospital. a libyan doctor said he succumbed to smoke inhalation. but there was also a bloody gash and there are have been darker rheum ounconfirmed about what may have happened that night. two vehicles were used to retreat to the annex, a half mile away of. >> we are conducting interviews and gathering evidence. >> among many critical questions, and how when the mob learned the wrbses of the -- the whereabouts of theax annex. it was there that the other two were killed in an attack that was more sophisticated than the first wave. >> the remains of the mortars
12:23 pm
and the heavy weapons that were used. >> there were armed assailants who used heavy weapons. >> i just don't think that people come to protest, equipped with rpgs and other heavy weapons. >> president obama was first briefed about the benghazi attack about 90 minutes after it began. what has eamericanned from the missed opportunities to address the ineffective security and the deaths involved and up to and including the shifting accounts put forward by the administration is the dawn of a major foreign policy scandal. and one, doug that, will be investigated and dissected in hearings and official proceedings for years to come. >> no doubt. thank you. the race for the white house has become a push for key battleground states like wisconsin, which in thees admit is in play. coming up, predictions from
12:24 pm
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>> well, republicans asked for it -- now they are getting it. governor mitt romney is coming out swinging, making stops in a number of key battleground states. it's the bottom of the hour and sept cent has the top stories. >> governor mitt romney going to colorado for a campaigneral willly in an intense brattle ground state schedule. he will begin a three-day bus tour in ohio, followed by a stop in virginia, all states that president obama won in the last election. the newly elected presidents of egypt and libya are heading to the united states to attend the united nations general assembly meeting and speak at the clinton global initiative. ahead of his departure, egyptian
12:29 pm
president morsi called on the president to change his approach to the arab world. the man who jumped into a bronx zoo tiger exhibit has been charged with misdemeanor trespassing. he was bitten in several places and was taken to the hospital. he says he jumped into the exhibit so he could, quote, be one with the tiger. and the grocery store chain trader joe's is recalling peanut butter. the creamy, salted peanut butter has been linked to 29 salmonlea illnesses in 29 states. >> i have said all along to mitt romney, if he wants to win wisconsin, he has to show that the rncht next to his name doesn't stand for republican, but it stands for recovery. then he can win the election. >> there is wisconsin governor
12:30 pm
scott walker, giving mitt romney advice on how to win in wisconsin. but polling in wisconsin and other key swing states show president obama ahead of governor romney. let's take a closer look with steve hayes from the weekly standard larry sabido. thank you for joiningous this sunday. let's take a look at the key polls, which elucidate that issue. the marquette university poll, the new york times with obama at 51% and romney at 49%. a huge hill for romney to climb findeed the polls are accurate. steve, you are a native wisconsin guy, what do you make of it? >> i think the marquette poll, they do great pole -- polling, it feels like an outliar, it's
12:31 pm
14 points, that's inconsistent with the other polling. but i think it's fair to say that president obama has a lead in wisconsin, which wasn't necessarily the case 4 or 5 months ago. i think that scott walker is right. voters will respond to a message of reform, a strong and bold message. have you seen that both with scott walker and with paul ryan, who remains very popular in the state. >> larry, your take on it? >> i agree, exactly with what steve said. the romney campaign needs to add a lot more substance. they need to direct that substance at this giant gender gap. they have one of the biggest problems with women i have ever seenful they have to do something about it. i also agree and i like the marquette poll, but not this one, it is not a 14-point gap. i think that's ridiculous. >> let me read to you something that dick morris posted about
12:32 pm
the polling. he said, quote, the polling indicates a widespread lack of enthusiasm among obama's core support due to high unemployment, disappointment with his policies and the lack of novelty in voting for a black candidate now that he has served as president. if you adjust virtually any of the published polls to refleck the 2004 vote, they show the race tied or rom no ahead. a view much closer to reality. larry, what do you make of that? >> you can play lots of games with waiting. vidone it myself. but we have to take these polls as a whole, the polling averages. people ask me, what's the best poll? i always say, none of them. take the polling averages at real clear politics or and when you take the averages i don't see what dick is projecting to be reality. maybe that will eventually happen. but it is not there yet.
12:33 pm
>> steve, larry mentioned this hiewmg gap in women voters -- why? what do you make of that? >> there is always a gender gap. the question is, and i think that dr. sabbato make this is point well, why this year isn't obama campaign has from the gpg, wherever you start that -- i would place it in april when mitt romney basically wrapped up the republican nomination, the obama campaign has made a concerted effort to speak to the women voters and the issues that they believe will sway the women, particularly moderate or independent women to the obama campaign. i think they have done that. they have focused on it and we have seen in the polling that they have had suggest with it. success with it. >> they use sandra fke, the georgetown university law graduate. i read that georgetown university law graduates, their starting salaries are $160,000 a year. she is asking americans to pay
12:34 pm
for her birth control? >> yeah. i don't think that she is the most effective spokeswoman for this demographic. we have heard so much talk in all of this about the campaign about, you know, the typical, the sibushan house wife in columbus, ohio, who may have voted for president obama, may not like the job he's done. but is it hostile to him? i don't think that's the kind of woman that they are using sandra fluke to appeal to? that's a get out of the base, hard-core vote. i think generally, they are making a softer sell to women to persuadables in the swing states that remain. >> let's turn to a poll taken by fox news in virge virmg, another battleground state -- virginia another battleground state. larry, let's talk about northern virginia, highly populated just outside of washington.
12:35 pm
highly populated with government workers and the beltway bandits and consultants, closely alined with the government workers. can romney make any kind of outreach in that area at all? >> well, he has to if he's going on carry virginia. i have to be honest, the polling averages-- the last five polls, if you take them together, they have the president up in virginia about the same margin as he carried in 2008. i find that difficult to believe, at least as it will unfold on election day. to me, it's more like half that. it's half of his margin from 2008. when you view it through that lens, you can see that potentially, virginia could be winnable for romney. but there is a why not gender gap in virginia. rom ne's need is to target -- romney's need is to target married, suburban and ex-urban women in hampton roads and richmond. the optics of his campaign just
12:36 pm
haven't communicated well with that key demographic. >> larry sabbato and steven hayes, thank you both. >> religious outreach, violent protefs in the middle-east in the -- protests in the middle-east in the name of religion. we take a look, right after the break. at usaa, we believe honor is not exclusive to the military, and commitment is not limited to one's military oath. the same set of values that drive our nation's military are the ones we used to build usaa bank. with our award winning apps that allow you to transfer funds, pay bills or manage your finances anywhere, anytime. so that wherever your duty takes you, usaa bank goes with you. visit us online to learn what makes our bank so different.
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>> sad news in washington. the zoo's giant panda cub has died. this is a picture of the mother you are looking at. the cub was born on sunday, september 16. zoo officials say the cub's mother had five failed pregnancies before this one. the mother is under close observation. anti-semitism has moved to the forefront in the past few weeks with protests and riots in the
12:41 pm
middle-east. but in the u.s., blaspheme of religions practiced here seldom creates outrage, take the sarcastic show that pokes fun of the mormon faith. >> reporter: doug, you know, there is quite a disparity between the way the world reacts to insults in islam, versus other religions this. happened long before an amateur film sparked violence across the middle-east. >> armed libyans in benghazi, deet desecrating the graves of christians and jews, one gloating, rape the cross. on egyptian tv, clerics discuss why we hate the yews and must kill them all... >> reporter: in the iranian film, a rabbi turns his grandson into a killer of muslims and themes of the destruction of islam. the middle-eastern media research institute says for
12:42 pm
years, muslim countries have been saturated with anti-semetic and anti-christian and other. >> anti-christ yap, anti-west is huge. it goes into every single program. sometimes it goes even into the cooking programs. >> reporter: in the u.s. and other western country, this vitriole is not met with violence, let alone protest. the anti-islam film that sparked riots around the world, brought apol yees from the u.s. government. >> we absolutely reject its content. >> reporter: here, first amendment protection allows the entertainment world to turn a blind eye to art, mocking religion, like the musical, book of mormon. whereas, when it comes to mocking islam, there is a different standard. the anti-islam film should be a wake-up call to policy makers and hollywood about respecting
12:43 pm
all religions, even those who have learned to turn the other cheek. >> when hollywood makes fun of pastors of rabbis, it's a bit of a compliment in a sense, that they know that those communities will not respond with violence. they may say something about how mature we have become. with the innocents of muslims, i think you have a teachable moment for the muslim community. >> reporter: scholars point out that americans are steeped in the ideology of religious disproim free speech. but this many muslim countries, there is no separation of church and state. the idea of freedom of speech doesn't always exist. >> we have been steeped in it for 250 years now, lauren? >> reporter: absolutely. >> catching up in the middle east. >> reporter: yeah. sure. >> thank you. >> coming up on america's news headquarters, every american is guaranteed the right to a fair trial. but that does not always happen.
12:44 pm
>> our judicial system ought to be the gold standard t. ought to be something that people have confidence in. >> a new documentary discusses how just the justice system is. we will talk to the man who argued the center of it all, the same man who argued obamacare before the spreek. anti-muslim protests. there is a disparity in religious rage. voter i.d., alcohol allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania -- done. >> with less than two months to go before the election, tension is giving way to anger over a new voter i.d. law in the battleground state of pennsylvania. two the men at the forefront of this national debate state their case, right here on america's news headquarters. s the way to !
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>> tomorrow, the supreme court will consider which cases to add to their docket this term. one case looks at how just our justice system is, is the subject of a new short documentary, unjustified, the unchecked powers of america's
12:49 pm
justice system. >> the chief prosecutor, the u.s. attorney does supervise and assist the u.s. attorney. but who is supervising the u.s. attorney? >> the producer interviewed several judicial experts and he joins me now with former solicitor general paul clement, the lead lawyer for the case in question. gentlemen, thank you. what was the crime in this particular case? >> the crime that he was convicted of was bank fraud. he was accused of a number of immigration violations, but those were never prosecuted. so it was one count, essentially, a bank fraud conviction. >> what dow drew you to this case? >> my partner and i had been looking to make a film about the justice system. and a colleague drew our attention to mr. rubaskin's case. when we began looking at it, it seemed like it was the perfect
12:50 pm
storm of continuing very aggressive prosecution, ultimately, a draconian sentencing. and so we -- we began to follow it sometime ago. you know, it's brought forward these issues of prosecutorial discretion and sentencing guidelines that we see as national issues. >> paul, explain this to me. teefs he was originally charged with immigration violations, but that was shelved. correct? never went to trial? >> never went to trial. the government went first on the bank fraud theory. they got such a tremendous conviction and potential sentence from that that there was no reason for them to pursue the immigration charges at that point. >> this was a case eye assume you believe -- where charge after charge after charge was piled on top of one another, needlessly? >> what really happened hire isurn the sentencing guidelines that determine how long a sentence isurn the federal system, what really drives the sentence for a fraud count is
12:51 pm
the so-called amount of the fraud. in this case, the prosecutors essentially put restrictions on what the family could do, such that the meat processing plant went bankrupt. when that happened that is correct drove up the fraud because there were no funds left to pay off the banks, and that's the key to the government initially keek seeking a life sentence in this case. >> a life sentence? >> they backed down on that because of a whole host of former attorneys generals and solicitors generals objected. but they asked for 25 years and the judge gave 27 years. >> first-time offender. >> wow. not surprising, given that you learned and you learn that the judge, against all precedence, had been in close contact with the prosecution in this case? >> yeah. after mr. rubashkin was sentenced, it showed that the judge in the case had met with
12:52 pm
prosecutors with homeland security, for seven months, leading up to the raid. of course, that's alarming. >> i want fofind out how alarming that is. have you untold experience in a courtroom. how unusual that was? >> it is unusual. and i think that if there is a justification for it, this coordination, it is that they are going to do all of these arrests. it is in a courthouse that doesn't usually have this kind of volume because if there were immigration violations suspected, they bring a lot of people in. so you might think there would be a need for a heads-up, but this went well beyond this, with months of meetings. at that point, if the judge has had all of those meetings, whether it was right to have the meetings, the real question is, having had all of those meetings, is the judge the right judge to sit on the case, or should it be referred to a colleague? that's what -- because the
12:53 pm
defendant and has lawyers didn't know the detail, they weren't in a position to raise that during the trial. they raised it afterwards and were told they couldn't. >> i am struck, looking at the broader context, how often the measure of prosecutorial success is not what is right or what is wrong, but how many victories, prosecutors win. it is almost like a coach's record in the nfl or something, which strikes me as a terrible miscarriage of justice. >> it is. there is a great saying that is around the rotunda, outside the attorneys general office, that goes that the united states wins its point in court whenever justice is done to one of its citizens. that should be the measure. but instead, it's how many counts you can brin, what kind ofs sentence you can get. that's a mistake to lose sight of that very important reminder that is what is important to the justice system is that justice be done to the citizens in court. >> nicholas, what can be done to change that dynamic, of
12:54 pm
prosecutors trying to score victories instead of do justice? >> you know, there are some remedies available. there is a bill that is languishing in the house, s-306, suggesting a national criminal justice reform act to increase oversight and allow some mechanisms where prosecutors can seek guidance from the department of justice, for example. i also think that, you know, obviously, our hope is that the supreme court will hear from mr. rubaskhkin -- appeal to look at gray areas. >> i have to cut you off there. the movie is unjustified, the unchecked power of the american justice system. thank you for joining us. good it see you. >> $16 trillion is a number not easily forgotten, especially when it is the national debt. but somehow that number slipped
12:55 pm
the president's mind this week. he is taking some heat for it. that's next. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios
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12:58 pm
we are learning more now about the deadly ambush on our u.s. consultate in libya. are right now fbi investigators in benghazi. i'm doug mcelway live in washington for hour number two of america's news headquarters. our chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been working her sources on emerging details. tell it us what you learned?
12:59 pm
>> it it was reported two days after the attack in benghazi there is evidence suggesting insider help and this morning on the sunday talk shows the head of the house intelligence committee saying the terrorists seemed to know more of the consultate's layout. >> they may have known the ambassador was there or in the area. 9/11 is probably more important to that equation than even the a.m. bass tore. >> the security libyan forces melted away after the attack unfolded and an intelligence source on the ground in libya tells fox 100 militants attacked the consultate and the 17th bra grad brigade was no we where to be found. the evidence points to a joint operation between al-qaeda affiliate in north africa and with ansar al-sharia. they are not directly
1:00 pm
affiliated with al-qaeda but aah sports the establishment of an islamic state. they said there is no evidence that the amateurish video clip prompted the attack. last monday, fox news was first to report there was no significant or sizeable demonstration at the consultate when the attack unfolded. it was not a demonstration that pun out of control that led to the assault. the chairman telling us this morning that fact very publicly. >> i have seen no information that shows that there was a protest going on as you have seen around any other embassy at the time. it was clearly designed to be an attack. >> the fbi here in washington is not commenting on the status of the investigation but we know they do have agents on the ground, doug. >> interesting about the role that the movie or alleged movie. i don't think anybody has seen the movie, we have seen you tube clips of trailers. how two different narrate ives are emerging about this.
1:01 pm
>> the private narrative and then the public narrative from the administration. i got ahold of the homeland security assessment and talks about the scope of the demonstrations in the first week after 9/11. this intelligence document makes no mention of the youtube clip. >> none at all? >> that is sort of the private narrative but the public narrative has been that the clip has really prompted this in libya and elsewhere in the middle east. >> good to see you. thank you. >> you're welcome. massachusetts governor mitt romney is starting a swing state tour today, ramping up on his emphasis on states like colorado ahead of the all important presidential debates the first of which is in just ten days. steve centanni is live with the latest from the campaign trail. >> mitt romney launched a week of intense campaigning in three of the battleground states
1:02 pm
where the race for the white house could be decided. tonight, colorado for a rally at a denver high school and then a three day bus tour of ohio followed by a stop in virginia. the candidate forging ahead amid calls from some republicans that his campaign needs a turnaround. in an interview to air this evening on cbs romney says h his campaign is moving in the right direction and "it doesn't need a turnaround." while the gop party chairman acknowledged some difficulty over the leaked romney video he also sees a silver lining. >> there probably wasn't the best said moment in the campaign and probably not the best week in the campaign but i will say that i think we can look back at next week as a campaign in a couple of months and say this was the defining week in both campaigns where i think both campaigns are crystallizing around a central theme which is going to be what kind of future do we want for our kids and grandkids.
1:03 pm
>> meantime, president obama planning his own trip to ohio later this week after visiting the u.n. tomorrow and tuesday. today a top obama campaign advisor criticized romney over the comments in the leaked video which romney has acknowledged as inelegant. >> chris, i thought the most devastating thing about the video is not just the video itself but the reaction from candidate romney which is to say that he was inelegant in what he said. chris, what is the elegant way of saying that 47% of people in this country are moochers who don't care enough about themselves and their place in life? >> both sides gearing up for the big showdown that begins october 3. the first of the presidential debates. it will be at the university of denver. back to you, doug. >> steve centanni, thank you. republicans hitting president obama's trip to wisconsin saying he has a problem in the state despite recent polls showing him with the lead. the campaign admitd that romney
1:04 pm
is doing much better in the steat than mccain did four years ago. joining us, the communications director for the obama campaign. good to see you. thanks for joining us. what do you make of that 1234. >> thanks for having me, doug. >> your guy is going to wisconsin. does that suggest that this state is, indeed, in contention? >> we always knew that wisconsin was a state that could be in play in the election. it has a republican governor. traditionally a swing state. we have been building an epioperation on the ground there and going back to our efforts four years ago and still have a good grass roots organization. obviously things have changed a bit on the ground as paul ryan has been brought into the mix as a v.p. candidate. we will keep fighting in wisconsin and we have a great shot to win the state. the president had 18,000 people show up on a rainy day outside milwaukee to hear his message. that is not just 18,000 people that we hope will vote for the president. 18,000 people that will talk to neighbors and friends and hopefully come out and vol turn
1:05 pm
tier and this is the kind of grass roots campaign that we will use to wen in wisconsin. >> the national polls tell a different story. basically neck and neck. which do you put more creedence in? >> the the numbers that we are looking at and we care about at this point aren't the poll numbers. you covered enough elections to know six weeks from election day a lot of things can happen. there is the debates coming up. a lot of time for voters to spend time with both of the candidates and make decisions. >> the numbers we care about are the volunteers coming out and crowds and enthusiasm we are seeing on the ground. we are are seeing people tuning in to 9 campaign and excitement on the ground for the message of president obama versus the issue of mitt romney leak how are we going to george zimmerman the opportunity to make sure that we have the opportunity and support to grow where we need. >> we have the first of the debates on october 3 in denver, colorado. robert gibbs on "fox news sunday" spoke to that earlier
1:06 pm
this morning. let's listen up. >> sure. >> parentally we don't have that. -- apparently we don't have that. he sent a signal in some way that he is lowering expectations for the president in the first debate because mr. romney had a lot of experience debating his republican colleagues in the primaries. is what is your take on that? >> couldn't agree more on the practice that mitt romney has had in the last year on debates. debates are a unique format. the romney campaign is putting a lot of stock in october 3 and spent a lot of the candidate's time on preparation. he did five mock debates in a 48 hour period. took the whole week of our convention and instead of talking directly to voters he hunkered down and did debate prep. he did 20 debates during the primaries and he himself has bragged that he won 16 of those. i think they see this as a big moment in the campaign and i
1:07 pm
think we will see a good discussion between the two candidates on issues that matter to the american people. you have seen how the administration narrative on the attacks changed quite dramatically over the course of the last week. some have said this is many variations of the dog ate my homework. why should anybody have any credibility in what the administration says given its shifting narrative? >> i would disagree with the adeof a shifting merittive. situations develop over time. we are now a week past the unfortunate incidents in benghazi. we are doing an investigation on the ground and we have people night and day trying to figure out what did happen and as the information comes in we are sharing it with the american people in a responsible way. no one is more concerned than the president and secretary of state clinton in finding out who did this attack and bringing them to justice. i think the more important story here is really what the reaction of the come any
1:08 pm
campaign and the aballot to serve as commander in chief. there used to be a saying that politics stop at the water's age. seems like common sense stops at the water's edge. they started making assumptions and started attacking the president. that is not what we need in these crisis situations and -- >> let me interrupt right there because romney jumping the gun on it proved to be dead accurate. he took good aim there. it was your guy who fired first and missed the target. >> well, i would disagree with that. i don't think you need to just listen to our campaign on that issue. if you look at pundits from both sides of the aisle and independent fact checks and editorial boards across the country they said mitt romney got out ahead of the facts and what was going on on the ground. the tone and substance he was saying the night of the attacks was inappropriate. >> appreciate it. good to see you you.
1:09 pm
>> great, thanks, doug. >> fair and balanced. check in now with the romney campaign. $110 billion in budget cuts set to take effect on january 3. cuts that will hit -- here to talk about the effect that it could have on the economy is senior advisor to mitt romney's economic policy team republican senator jim talent. senator, thank you very much for joining us. good to see you you. >> good to not see you, dog, but good to be on with you. >> understood. let's talk about the fiscal cliff that we would rapidly be imposing. what would the cuts do with sequestration among other things? >> the impact to the military would be devastating that is what secretary of defense panetta says. and to the economy equally so. over a million jobs lost to layoffs and these are good
1:10 pm
jobs. defense industry jobs tend to be really good ones. it is hard to get any job anywhere near as good and also that is more of the industrial base going away so it will be harder to recover from the sequester. >> how much would it diminish u.s. military power. >> again, secretary of defense panetta said it is unprecedented. it is unprecedented for a commander in chief to suggest sign and defend cuts in the defense budget that his own secretary of defense says are going to be devastating and without any military analysis to justify them. it is breathe takingly irresponsible and the effect on the economy at a time when we need jobs is going to be severe. >> the sequestration issue is going to be thrown into the hands of a lame duck congress. how do they handle the issue?
1:11 pm
what is your teak on that? -- what is your take on that? >> the house what we would like to see happen is in the lame duck obviously if governor romney should be elected then our opinion judds matter and give them an opportunity by at least postponing the sequestration for a year and give the administration an tonight to fix it. the president would be hecheing the country if he were to lead on this instead of threatening to veto the house passed bills. >> there has been talk there has been some kind of a deal worked out to avoid this so-called fiscal cliff. are you aware of that? do you have any knowledge of it? >> no, we are really not. what we saw was the house frantically throughout the summer focusing on the issue and trying to pass legislation to prevent it. the president threatening to veto and the senate not taking
1:12 pm
it up. this should not be a partisan issue. when they say the cuts are going to be devastating and they are. it came out of no where. no military analysis. they decided to cut after the president decided without any analysis to cut more. >> let's change the subject a little bit. i want to talk about -- >> sure. >> the narrative that we are hearing in regards to the middle east situation right now. you have seen the shifting narrative from the administration. you have seen in large part the mainstream media kind of clingion to this concept that your guy jumped the gun when had the press conference immediately after the libya event. that he shot first and aimed later. but now the facts seem to be bearing out the perspective of mitt romney. >> what they don't like is the fact that he called it as he saw it and the way he called it was right.
1:13 pm
i mean we have been pursuing a policy of weakness. look, is in the last -- the four basic principles of the american foreign policy since world war ii is america leads and nurtures strong alliances and gets out front and tries to deter conflict before it breaks out into disaster. the obama administration apologized for american leadership and said we are are leading from behind in libya. and then we are surprised what is happening. and all mitt romney has said over and over again is that this is is going toiled to conflict and compromising american security. what do you call attacks and 20 embassies in the middle east if it is not that? >> all right, senior advisor to mitt romney's economic policy team, former republican senator jim talent. thank you so much for your time, jim.
1:14 pm
good to see you. >> thank you, doug. as the nation's debt continues to rise, climbing past $16 million. robinson is telling americans not to wore biry about it at least not in the short-term. jim engel explains. >> the debt clock passed the astounding figure of $16 trillion between the two conventions and increased the nation's total debt of more than a third. on the letterman show tuesday night however, president obama says he couldn't remember where it was when took office? >> do you remember what that number was? $10 trillion. in. >> i don't remember what the number was presizely. >> it was $10.6 trillion when mr. obama took office and now stands at a little more than $16 trillion. the president doesn't seem nearly as concerned as everyone else in washington about how much the debt is laying down the category. >> right now the debt levels
1:15 pm
rising naster than the growth in the economies. >> here is the bottom lien. we want to spend a lot of money. we don't want to pay for it so we are actually handing that will to our kids. it is unconscionable and that is what it is. >> nevertheless, mr. obama didn't seem that kerned. >> right now interest rates are low because people still consider the united states the safest and great etan country ever, rightfully so but it is a problem long-term and even medium term. >> interest rates are close to zero but when the economy turns to normal so are rates. if they increase only 1% it would add $1.3 trillion to payments over a check dade. >> the interest expense at the federal debt level would in fact eat up am you will of the discretionary spending from the u.s. government. >> eliminating programs of most kinds leaving mostly defense
1:16 pm
and entitlements. the president acknowledged that some government programs did not work well and could be trimmed but put the most emphasis on raising taxes under the wealthy. >> that helps to close the deficit. >> actually raising taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year as the president pro poses will only raise a little more than $700 billion over ten years while the congressional budget office fund the president's spending plans would add another $6.4 trillion to the debt over the same period. >> in washington, jim ingle, fox news. >> if you want to read something negative about this channel or other nontraditional media there is a web side that proside --
1:17 pm
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there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the fast and furious investigation as you know. now, we are learning that media matters has been cooperating with your federal government to suppress the press on this hot button issue. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen
1:21 pm
investigates. >> hi, judson, good to see you. >> good morning. >> six months ago tea party figure judson phillips appeared on fox news to advance the claim hotly disputed by the obama administration that operation fast and furious was designed to usher in draconian gun control laws. someone was watching closely because 90 minutes later the director of the office of public affairs e-mailed a transcript to matt guertz for media matters. wide receiver and hernandez, two gun tracing operations launched under the george w. bush administration put this to a lie. there has been lots of cover and on previous operations. by that afternoon the website featured this blog post critical of the segment. that attorney general's eric holders have worked so closely with media matters are the revealation from 69 pages that
1:22 pm
the department belatedly provided to the daily call. it is clearly a pure unadulterated attempt to lie about the news. in one case the spokesman from the justice department e-mailing media matters and saying in effect why don't you do a story on this. i saw a story on fox and i don't like it. media matters is a tax exempt nonprofit dedicated to exposing media bias. in reality the sole mission is the destruction of fox news. the group started out using conventional 24 hour monitoring techniques but turned in more recent years to the use of private detectives and other methods. utilize them as is a proxy in engaging in a dispute whether it is on the new black panther party and the denial of the party to bring civil rights
1:23 pm
actions against them or whether it is on the coverage of fast and furious should raise serious concerns. >> the justice department declined to comment. a spokesman for media matters said he would only comment if he could appear live on this network. the youth vote really mobilized in the year 2008 but with unemployment now holding above 8% for many months many of the same college graduates are still jobless or underemployed and has many one-time obama supporters asking where the hope and check they werchange they were promis gone. here now for a fair and bailed debate. alex is schreiver and rob snyder president of the young democrats of america. nice to see both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> a look at the ad that the romney campaign started running made for the youth vote. take a look.
1:24 pm
>> four years ago we were so excited. when i graduated i didn't have a job be yet but i worked hard. getting an interview was tough enough. are no one was even hiring. after graduating i wanted a job to launch my career. now, i just want a job that covers my expenses every month. today i'm moving back in with my parents. it is sucks. no matter how hard i try things just aren't getting better. this is not what we want voted for. >> there it is, rod snyder, i will give you the first shot at this since you are with the young democrats. that is an ad obviously and a spin but the statistics bear it out at the same time. >> look, the statistics are actually pretty clear that we had 30 straight months of private sector job growth. 4.5 million jobs created in the time period and youth unemployment dropped more than two points. the bottom line is we are heading in the right direction. polls indicate that young voters do not blame barack obama for the economy when you
1:25 pm
look at losing 750,000 jobs a month where he started to where we are now with job creation. he actually has a 25-point lead amongst young voters because they believe the country is headed in the right direction. >> alex, want to handle that? >> sure, young people have fared worse than any other demographic in the obama economy. 258,000 more young people are out of jobs than they were are when the president took office. unemployment almost 16%, twice the national average. young people are waking up four years later and realizing they are not better off and our organization the college republican national committee produced that ad and running it in swing states targeting young voighters. a poll in the new york times and "wall street journal" poll that had mitt romney holding 45% of the youth vote. it is competitive and up for grabs and we think we have a shot at it this year. >> there is a general perception that younger people tend to be more are liberal
1:26 pm
than older people. shohow do you you counter act t dynamic? that demographic. >> history tells us young people have voted republican in the modern era. republicans have won the youth vote three times since 1970. we came within two points of tying it in 2000. it can be competitive and young people are open to voting for republicans and we have is to reach them with the right message. 71% of their concerns are jobs and the economy. that is what our candidate is talking about and the issue we can win on and we are talking on campuses about just that. >> do you buy that percentage that that is their major concern? >> absolutely. the economy is the number one issue in the election year for probably any age group. young people are not bying the romney/ryan message because basically it is a message of romney and ryan have lived the
1:27 pm
american dream and walked through the door of opportunity and then shut it behind them for the next generation. paul ryan new hampshire his budget that romney endorsed proposed cutting pell grants by 40%. barack obama doubled pell grant investment. we are talking about the next generation of young people being able to afford college. barack obama has made investments, $10,000 tax credit for educational purposes. about making sure that we have the seam chances our parents and grandparents and mitt romney has abandoned that with his poll ocies and paul ryan, both of them. >> there is a perception fair or not that your generation was the first to be raised in that sort of feel good everybody is a winner ethos where young kids playing soccer not only o the winning teams got the trophies but the losing team got the trophy, too. as you grew up, sat tests became a little bit easier to take. this kind of thing. and that that ethos has taken
1:28 pm
shape in adulthood. tacking about the 47% that mitt romney mentioned. either one of you want to handle that? >> our generation has been labeled many things. the lost generation. the boomer generation. more people lev at home today than they have since the 1950s. 54% didn't get up and go to a job this morning. they he want to be independent and on their own but it is becoming more are and more difficult in this economy. we believe we should be able to go out and get a job and sustain yourselves. they don't want to be part of this sort of everyone wins a trophy era. we are the first generation that has a future that is less bright than our parents. we need to get back where young people can excel and be independent and not live on the dole of the government. >> you you get the last word. alex schreiber, national chairman.
1:29 pm
rob snyder president of the young democrats of america. thank you both. appreciate your time. >> libyan leaders ordered disbanding of all the illegitimate militias. we will have more, coming up next. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay ale... but feel alive.
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time for another look now at a few of today's top stories. governor romney hitting the road tonight heading to the battleground state of colorado. though many swing state polls show the president ahead they are frequently within the margin of error. governor romney is focusing on these states ahead of the first presidential debate just ten days away now. new recommended guidelines from a leading group of physicians when it comes to birth control for teenagers. teenaged girls should consider long-term forms of birth control, iuds and implants. >> and it is television's biggest night. the 24th annual prime time emmy awards. hosted by jimmy kimmel on abc.
1:34 pm
new information about lebron bean authorities ordering militias to -- libyan authorities ordering militias to disband now. greg palkot with the late gluiest we have seen some developments here in tripoli. authorities tell us that some rogue brigades is have been driven from bases in the city and there was scuffles not too far from where we are now but in general it has been peaceful. the militias tied to a lot of troubles across libya and suspected of being linked to the killing of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans just about two weeks guy. all this weekend we have been watching public anger and violence building especially in the eastern libyan city of benghazi. compounds being ransacked there and protesters and militia members killed. the government announced in the past 24 hours that all i will
1:35 pm
illegitimate brigades must be disbanded. one has already left brigades in two different cities. >> what are the implications of the crackdown into the investigation into ambassador steven's' death? >> in general, doug, the developments of this weekend are positive. basically you have the public saying they are going to wreak their own revenge for the killings of the ambassador and the other americans. still, officials here in benghazi tell us on their part they are not making much progress in their probe. it is not going forward too fast. they have nothing new to offer. but the president and his -- the libyan president and his entourage on their way to new york so there won't be too much pressure from the top. while this could be good in the long run in the short run it
1:36 pm
might actually hinder the investigation into the killings. officials confirm to me that in fact the militants, possible suspects are are leaving the bases and leaving the bases with their weapons, is they will be a bit harder to track down. >> reason for concern. greg, thank you very much. greg palkot in tripoli, libya. a new is survey shows people are not feeling so great when it comes to their money. a closer look at numbers that are shaking american confidence, coming up next. it doesn't get any better than endless shrimp at red lobster. you can mix and match all day! [ male announcer ] red lobster's endless shrimp is back... but only foa limited time! try as much as you like, any way you like! like parmesan crusted simp just $14.99. i'm ryaisabell and i sea fd differently. constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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a new survey shows that more americans are feeling down in the dumps regarding their finances. fox news senior business correspondent brenda buttner explains why. americans are rock bottom when it cops t comes to feel -- comes to feeling good about their bank accounts with confidence levels falling to the lowest in nine months. greg mcbride is the senior financial analyst for bank rate and says a lousy jobs report at
1:41 pm
the beginning of september took a toll on how consumers feel about their financial well being. >> it wasn't just with regard to job security. we shaw undermine their feelings of savings, debt. >> bank rate report shows 38% of americans feel less comfortable with their savings than they did a year ago. 29% said their overall financial situation is worse. and 25% are less comfortable with their debt load. mcbride says savings have been the achilles heel of financial security all along. >> month in and month out people tell us they are less comfortable with the savings now than a year ago. they realize they still have a long time to go. >> short-term savings are what most folks are really worried about. >> just a few months ago, 28% of americans don't have any emergency saves at all. just goes to show how few people actually have adequate savings and feel good about it.
1:42 pm
>> mcbride says net worth is the one area people point to as actually having improved in the past 12 months. >> i chalk that up to two factors. one, home prizes stabilized in many parts of the country d stock market now at a five year high. >> those feeling the worst about their financial fate perhaps no surprise it is those of us entering retirement age. doug, back to you. brenda buttner, thank you very much. a subway ad that is set to roll out tomorrow is causing tremendous controversy in new york city. it equates muslims with savages and that has a lot of people worried about possible violence given the turmoil in the middle east. >> during a volatile team for the united states some people are concerned the controversial ad going up tomorrow in ten subway stations around new york city may spark more unrest whether overseas or here at home. the ads read in any war between the civilized man and the savege support the civilized
1:43 pm
man. is muslim activist groups have called them hate speech. >> the timing of these posters in the subway it is a bad timing. if they really want to make a change, the idea should be effective change not just expression of anger and frustration. >> a blogger who headed a campaign two years ago to block construction of an islamic center near ground zero is behind the provocative ads and says the campaign was planned well before the middle east violence erupted and emphasizes she is not against all muslims, just extremism. >> the assasination of ambassador stevens is savegery. tens of thousands of rockets going into southern israel targeting schools and homes. the biostabling blown up in bulgaria.
1:44 pm
>> the metropolitan transportation authority is trying to block the ads from going up but geller sued and a judge agreed citing free speech. the mta said our hands are tied. the mta board may consider revising the regulations at its meeting next week in executive session. well, the ads have already run on buses in san francisco and geller has filed suit in washington, d.c. where officials have prevented them from running on their metro. they will be up here in new york city for about a month. doug? >> anna in new york. thank you very much. a voter i.d. mutiny has been spawned by some democrats over pennsylvania's new voter i.d. law and it is spreading county to county now. a handful of counties say they will issue poll ready identification cards to nursing homes and colleges. is that law reasonable? a fair and balanced debate from
1:45 pm
two very outspoken pennsylvania lawmakers, when we come back. in america today we're running out of a vital resource we need
1:46 pm
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is not in requiring photo identification, the vice is in requiring photo identification that people don't have and have a hard time getting. >> the bitter partisan debate surrounding pennsylvania's voter i.d. law reached a
1:49 pm
boiling point now. here is the background on it. the voter i.d. law requires voters to show a specific state issued photo i.d. card. that law was challenged and upheld and then appealed to the supreme court. this week, another are legal challenge to that law will go back before the same judge who initially upheld it and here to discuss it with us now is pennsylvania state senator daley leach. thank you very much for joining us. >> good to be with you, doug. >> tell us about what kind of i.d. we are talking about specifically, like a driver's license, correct? >> a driver's license or a senior citizen facility would give you an i.d. if they had an expiration date. student i.d. for in state school if it had an expiration date. the reason this law was passed is because there are a number of people easily identified demographic groups that don't tend to have i.d.s. people who don't drive.
1:50 pm
people who are poor. people who live in the inner cities. students who are transient. and elderly people. all groups that tend to vote democratic in very large numbers which is we the law was passed originally. there is no voter fraud of the type this sort of i.d. would address. this is about stopping people from voting which is why it is being passed in numb of states all of which are controlled by republicans in an effort to disenfranchise democratic voters. >> it defies logic that people don't have these kinds of i.d.s in the sense that you need one to get into any government building nowadays. can't get into an airport or ride a plane without an i.d. or passport. how many people are you talking about in pennsylvania? >> the brennan center did a study and said about 11%. judge simpson who ruled in favor of the republicans in the lower court even he found up to 9% of pennsylvanians don't have the i.d.s. keep in mind that poor people and elderly people they don't
1:51 pm
often fly places so they don't have passports. the typical person the i.d. they have is a driver's license. if you haven't driven for many years you tend not to have a current driver's license which costs money to get. what we fend is the state at one point admitted about 758,000 pennsylvanians, we actually think it is higher, do not have any sort of i.d. that would be acceptable under the voter i.d. law. this is to solve a problem that the state itself in the stipulation filed before the court admitted they can't find a single case, not one of the sort of voter fraud that the i.d. system would address. >> joining us in the conversation right now is house speaker mike terzei of pennsylvania, a republican. mike, do you buy the statistics that these many people do not have such an i.d. form? >> no, i do not. keep in mind that this legislation which has
1:52 pm
bipartisan support throughout the state and actually throughout the nation is really just about preventing voter identification -- presenting voter identification wi which u do when buying sudafed at the drugstore or bying beer or going into a gym or an airport. it as common sense provision that it has been upheld by the united states supreme court in dealing with the state of indiana voter are identification card in 2006. and justice stevens specifically said we had a right to safeguard voter confidence and that is why the vast majority of citizens in pennsylvania and across this country think it is a common sense tool and to make sure that each and every vote one person one vote. that is the foundation of democracy, right? that no single vote is diluted because we want to make sure that every single citizen's vote actually counts. >> how bad a problem is voter fraud in pennsylvania?
1:53 pm
>> yes, if i might. in may of 2009 a is six month fib investigation led to forgery and election charges against seven pittsburgh area employee hes. they all received probation. they plead guilty. in philadelphia there were submissions of 8,000 voter registration forms fraudulent and why would they be getting those forms? if you submit them and they actually go through and somebody comes to vote and you don't have voter identification you can say that you are one of the individuals that put down the fraudulent identification forms and that takes away that opportunity. >> 8,000 fraudulent voter forms. >> and that is from philadelphia alone. >> if i could respond. when mr. terzai says this is by partisan, i don't know what he is talking about. every single senator and
1:54 pm
representative in the house and senate voted against the bill. this is not bipartisan. partisanpecifically par arety when we hear about dead people registered to vote or illegal immigrants, none are voter i.d. issues. illegally registering someone would not be solved by a voter i.d. keep in mind why voter i.d. never happens. this is a crime. it is five years in prison if you are caught. it is the easiest crime to get caught because you have to know someone to register to vote to impersonate them. know that they have not voted that day and none of the 6 or 7 people there from the neighborhood, every single reelection recognize you are not that person. if you are wrong about that you go to jail for five years. you get one lousy vote in an election likely to be decided by thousands or millions of votes which is why the brennan center and bush justice department and national
1:55 pm
association of republican lawyers studied this and could not find one single case in pennsylvania of this fraud which is why the governor admitted that. >> either one of you is there a provision under the law in pennsylvania that would allow the people who do not have the i.d.s to get to a dmv or some other facility to get one? >> let's be h clear. it is the constitutionality has been upheld by the united states supreme court in the previous decision and the pennsylvania supreme court. the fact of the matter is there are various measures to be able to get an appropriate photo identification and you can get it for free. the baker carter commission recommended just that -- >> that is jen accurate. in case you care, that is inaccurate. >> we are flat out of time. we will continue the discussion some other day. we asked and you answered what you have to say about the president not speaking with world leaders that the week's u.n. general assembly. i will share some of your twitter responses when we come right back. welcome aboard! [ chuckles ] ♪ [ honk! ]
1:56 pm
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as president obama heads to new york for the u.n. general assembly he is charactering out time to visit with the lady -- carving out with time to visit with the ladies on "the view." he isn't able to coordinate schedules with various world leaders. we asked what you think about the president's agenda.


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